We are Dario and Cesca and we are from two villages not far from Catania. We came to London 7 years ago to study, to find work and to experience life outside of Sicily. We both love London and what it has to offer, but our hearts are in our beloved Sicily and we love to share that love with the people of London Town, who come from all over the world.

As true Sicilians we are not only mad about our country- because we do see it as a separate country– we are mad about food and we appreciate good quality food. Italian food is well known in the UK and there are a variety of Italian restaurants across the country. Not all of them are good or as authentic and not many pay attention to the many regional difference Italian cuisine has to offer.  Thinking of Sicily many people immediately think of organised crime.

Sicily has most certainly an issue with this, however, there is so much more our beautiful island has to offer and part of that ‘much more’ is great food. Let’s bring you some positive vibes from Sicily and enjoy great food in a welcoming and relaxed environment.


Tasty Sicilia; more than just great food

Besides great food we also offer a platform for Sicilian artists or any person who has some sort of link to the island. We regularly hold open mic nights and jam sessions and we exhibit and sell works made by Sicilian fine artists.

Tasty Sicilia Shop

Besides serving you great food and giving you a taste of what Sicilian artists and musicians have to offer we have a little shop where you can buy great Sicilian produce like wine, olive oil, nuts and other treats you are only likely to find in Sicily.

How we source our food

Most of what we serve comes from Sicily. If we have sourced something locally this well be mentioned on the menu or told to you by whomever is serving you. We have create contacts with small and mainly organic farmers and fisheries in Sicily who all believe in sustainable farming, sourcing and living.