Food Menu

Below you find a sample of the typical Sicilian dishes we have on our menu

Arancino (Sicilian rice balls)


An Arancino- say aah-ran- CHEE-noh- is a deep-fried ball filled with risotto rice and any filling you like. We offer meat, seafood and vegetarian arancini (Italian plural of arancino) and the exact filling depends on our mood. (The actual name of arancini is arancine, which means little orange.)

Our vegetarian arancini are usually filled with mozzarella and spinach or with mushrooms. Our meat arancini can be filled with either chicken, beef or pork and our seafood arancino contains mussels or prawns. Whatever our mood, our arancini are always of excellent quality and always made with love.

Panelle (Fried chickpea polenta)

Fantastic street food snack ubiquitous on the streets of Palermo. ‘Basic’ panelle is made of chickpea flour and cooked like polenta. Afterwards it’s chilled, cut into thick slices and friend in olive oil. Panelle can be eaten in different ways. A popular way is to put one or more slices of panelle on a sesame bun as a filling for a big sandwich. You can eat them as a side dish with your meat or fish or eat them as a little snack accompanied with fresh veggies, like aubergine, broccoli and artichokes depending on what is in season.
This dish is suitable for vegetarian and vegans.

Pasta dishes

Busiate with pesto Trapanese

Busiate is a typical pasta from a city in northwest Sicily called Trapani and the pasta is only made form durum, wheat flour and water. Pesto Trapenese is pesto made in the same city and is made from tomatoes, garlic, basil and almonds. We serve our Busiate with pesto Trapanese with a generous sprinkle of pecorino cheese.

Pasta con sarde (Pasta with Sardines)

Simple and delicious. Enjoy our home-made pasta with fresh sardines and wild fennel. In Sicily this dish is mainly prepared between March and September when both fresh sardines and wild fennel is wildly available.

Pasta alla Norma (pasta with tomatoes and aubergine)


Pasta alla Norma is comfort food Sicilian style. Another simple yet delicious dish. Choose your pasta, depending on what we have in stock that day, and we will serve you a delicious pasta with fried aubergine, basil and ricotta salata (which is a solid and salty version of ricotta cheese).

Anelletti (Palermo style pasta bake)

Anelletti refers actually to the shape of the pasta rather than the actual dish. Anelletti are little ring-shaped pasta mixed with tomatoes and aubergine and either provolone cheese or minced beef. The mix is put in a banking mould and baked in the oven. The result is a delicious pasta cake.

Caponata (Sicilian aubergine stew)

Delicious stew made of aubergines, tomatoes and vinegar for a true bitter sweet taste of Sicily. We served this dish either as a cold starter or a warm side dish.

Sicilian Couscous

The Arabs conquered Sicily between the 9th and the 11th century and their culture left their mark on the island, which is still noticeable today. The Arabs also left their mark on Sicilian cuisine and that’s why we serve Sicilian couscous, or cuscusu as we call it, in Tasty Sicilia. This dish too is a recipe from Trapani and our cuscusu is served with seafood rather than lamb and veggies like a traditional North African couscous is severed.

Desserts and sweet snacks

Cassatelle alla Trapanese (Trapani-style pouches)

Another dish fromTrapani, cassatelle alla Trapanese are little pouches made of dough filled with ricotta cheese, sweet sheep milk and chocolate chips. They are served hot and sprinkled with icing sugar. Make a little party in your month and let the chocolate melt into the creamy ricotta on your tongue for a little bit of Sicilian food heaven.

Cannoli (Sicilian style, obviously)


Cannoli is a dessert widely available across the island. A cannolo (singular) is a crispy, brown tube-like pastry shell filled with fresh, sweet sheep milk ricotta and chocolate chips finished off with dried, sugared fruit. That’s how we make them at least, but if you go the Sicily you find cannoli with different fillings. We make our cannolo shell so crispy by adding a dash of vinegar and/or Marsala wine to the dough.

Sfingi (Sicilian doughnuts)

Sfingi are sweet pastries that are traditional being eating during Carnival, the four-day period before the start of lent. At Tasty Sicilia we serve you Sfingi all-year round. Sfingi are deep-fried sweet pastries tasting of lush butter and cinnamon.

Cassata Siciliana (Sicilian Cassata)

Cassata is a typically Sicilian sweet treat, which is made with sponge cake, sweet sheep milk, ricotta and chocolate. To make our Cassata even sweeter and lusher we decorate the cake with crystallised fruit, martorana (a sort of marzipan) and lots of icing. This cake is traditionally served at Easter, but you can treat yourself to Cassata at Tasty Sicilia all year round.

Torta Setteveli (Seven Layers cake)

Torta Setteveli literally means seven veils cake, named after the dance with the same name. Setteveli is a dance developed by Salome just to make king Herod obsessed and confused with want and lust. The point, however, is that this is a delicious cake consisting of seven layers of chocolate and hazelnuts so lush we are convinced it will both quench as well as increase your desire. Torta Setteveli, considered to be from Palermo, is a typical birthday cake and a combination of alternating chocolate and hazelnut layers with a crunchy layer which is combining both flavours. Let us take you through a torta setteveli layer by layer:

  • 1st layer (bottom layer): chocolate sponge cake
  • 2nd layer: crunchy layer consisting of praline
  • 3rd layer: hazelnut Bavarian cream
  • 4th layer: chocolate sponge cake
  • 5th layer: another hazelnut Bavarian cream
  • 6th: chocolate mousse
  • 7th layer (top layer): chocolate glaze

You don’t have to wait until your birthday to eat this delicious cake. At Tasty Sicilia you can have this bomb of lushness every day of the week.


We offer a small and great selection of Sicilian wines. The best known local wine is Nero d’Avola, named after a small town located not far from Syracuse.

Other well-known wines are Nerello Mascalese, Frappato, Moscato di Pantelleria, Malvasia di Lipari and Catarratto. Sicily also makes good wines with non-native varietals like Syrah, Chardonnay and Merlot. Sicily also produces liqueurs like Amaro Averna and limoncello.